Introduction and advance programming

Undergraduate course, Department of Mathematics and Engineering, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 2022

Introduction to programming (fall)

This course contains basic information about C programming language,
techniques, and tools to start to coding.
I like to implement new pedagogical and technical knowledge
to share mathematical and physics.

Advance programming (spring)

This course shows some advance topics on C programming language,
with some short scripts in Python, C++, and Swift topics.
Student should to be independent to work in different programming

Bibliography and references

[1] Kochan SG. Programming in C. Pearson education; 2015.Source
[2] Deitel HM, Deitel PJ. C: how to program. Prentice-Hall, Inc.; 1992 Jan 3. Source

Here extra information

InstructorJavier Orduz 
Office Location10 
Office HoursWednesday/Friday11:30-12:30 pm, or by appointment

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